4 class

Good evening, Students:)bieg halloween 010

I’ve checked your tests and the scores are:

100% and 5 – a green tracksuit 🙂 congratulations

90% and 5-    – MPT and puma 767

87% and 4+    – hamster

83% and 4    – dinner

79% and 4-   – NATALIA

66% and 3     – piter poter

65% and 3      – mouse

44% and 2+    – Magdalenka

have a nice evening , see you at school



Informacje o marzenastanczak

Hi, my name is Marzena Stańczak. I'm an English teacher in Sękocin Primary School. In my free time I love vacuuming, ironing, washing up and cleaning windows. No, of course it's not true! Who likes it?! The truth is- I like reading books, watching TV (especially old American films), riding my bike, hiking, jogging, travelling; but my favourite activity is sitting in an armchair with my cat Kicia on my lap, reading an interesting book, drinking tea with lemon and eating apple pie :) I sometimes like teaching too,:) but not always ;)you know...
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